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As included by P.L.220-1993, SEC.5. Sec. 4. It shall be illegal and also an infraction of this chapter.( a) For any kind of hardwood buyer to fail to pay, as concurred, for any type of timber bought.( b) For any timber customer to cut or cause to be cut or appropriate any kind of timber not purchased.( c) For a timber customer to willfully make any kind of incorrect declaration about the application, bond or other details needed to be provided to the division or a hardwood farmer.( d) To fail to truthfully account to the wood cultivator or the division for lumber bought or cut if the buyer is under a responsibility to do so, and also( e) For a lumber buyer to dedicate any kind of deceptive act about the acquisition or cutting of lumber.( Formerly: Acts 1972, P.L. 190, SEC.1.) Sec.

The supervisor may refuse to issue a lumber purchaser enrollment certification to an applicant that has:-LRB- 1) been convicted of a felony;-LRB- 2) went against a provision of this chapter; or( 3) broke a policy taken on by the division under this phase. As included by P.L.220-1993, SEC.6. (Rescinded by P.L.220-1993, SEC.10.) Sec. 6. (a) If:-LRB- 1) the division is pleased that the applicant has fulfilled the requirements of this chapter for the issuance of a registration certification;-LRB- 2) the bond and guaranties or financial institution certification of down payment filed by the candidate under area 3 of this phase is approved; as well as( 3) the director does not decline to release the enrollment certification to the candidate under area 4.9 of this chapter; the department will provide an enrollment certificate to the applicant.( b) The registrations provided shall stand for a schedule year and also might be restored annually.

Sec. 7. The application cost or revival charge for a registration certification to operate as a wood buyer, is one hundred 5 dollars ($ 105). The fee for a certificate stating that an enrollment certificate has been issued and also safety filed is twenty dollars ($ 20). All fees accumulated by the department accrue to using the department for its management purposes.( Formerly: Acts 1972, P.L. 190, SEC.1.) As amended by Acts 1981, P.L. 230, SEC.1; P.L.158-1988, SEC.3; P.L.186-2003, SEC.79.

8. The department might examine the properties utilized by any hardwood purchaser in the conduct of his business at any type of sensible time and also guides, accounts, documents as well as documents of every such wood purchaser shall in any way times during service hours go through inspection by the department.( Previously: Acts 1972, P.L. 190, SEC.1.) Sec.

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The division may make such regulations and guidelines as might be necessary to accomplish the arrangements of this phase.( Previously: Acts 1972, P.L. 190, SEC.1.) Sec. 10. A person that:-LRB- 1) participates in service as a hardwood buyer without safeguarding an enrollment or in offense of this phase; or( 2) rejects to permit examination of the individual's properties, books, accounts, or documents as given in this phase; devotes a Course A misdemeanor (timber company auburn alabama,).

Sell My Timber Auburn Alabama,Sell My Land Auburn Alabama

Sec. 11. No certificate of enrollment shall be provided to anyone that remains in default to the individuals of the State of Indiana More Info for moneys due under this chapter.( Formerly: Acts 1972, P.L. 190, SEC.1.) Sec. 12. The division may, after notification and a hearing, withdraw the enrollment certificate or license of anybody that breaches any of the stipulations of this chapter.

Sec. 13. sell my land auburn alabama. The division may, by application to any type of circuit court or to a judge thereof, obtain an order restraining any individual that takes part in business of wood acquiring in this state without a certification of registration (either since his certification has actually been revoked or because of a failing to obtain a certification of registration in the first circumstances) from taking part in such business up until such person abide by this chapter and also receives and also acquires a certificate of registration.

13.5. In addition to the various other penalties suggested by this chapter, the supervisor may, under IC 4-21.5, impose a civil charge on a person that breaks this phase. A civil charge enforced under this section might not exceed the adhering to limits:-LRB- 1) For taking part in business as a lumber buyer without protecting an enrollment certificate under this chapter, 10 thousand bucks ($ 10,000).( 2) For serving as the agent of a timber buyer without holding an agent's certificate under this chapter, ten thousand dollars ($ 10,000).( 3) For various other infractions of this phase, one thousand dollars ($ 1,000). As added by P.L.220-1993, SEC (timber company auburn alabama,).8.

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Sell My Land Auburn AlabamaTimber Company Auburn Alabama,
14. All last management decisions under this chapter will go through judicial testimonial under IC 4-21.5 -5.( Formerly: Acts 1972, P.L. 190, SEC.1.) As amended by P.L.7-1987, SEC.133. Sec. 15. (a) An individual that serves as the agent of a lumber customer should have a representative's license and that site bring the representative's card that validates the certificate.( b) An agent's permit might be given only:-LRB- 1) to certified people;-LRB- 2) at the created application of the hardwood customer who the agent is to represent; as well as( 3) under that hardwood buyer's enrollment certification.( c) The application for an agent's license have to have the representative's complete name, address, and go to website other information as needed by the department on types supplied by the department.

Nonetheless, each wood customer will designate a certified person to be accredited as its primary representative at no added fee.( e) An agent's certificate might be withdrawed by the division under IC 4-21.5 if the representative does not follow this area.( f) A representative may have a license to stand for just one (1) timber purchaser; nevertheless, upon giving up the representative's card as well as license under one (1) timber customer, an individual might be accredited as an agent of an additional hardwood customer.( g) A timber purchaser might not be licensed as an agent except as the principal representative of that wood buyer.( h) A timber purchaser may not effect or try to effect an acquisition other than with a representative.( i) A wood buyer may end a company partnership by notifying in creating the representative and also the department. sell my timber auburn alabama,.

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